Asian Wedding Stories

Hello &  Thank You

Hello & thank you for considering me to tell your Wedding Story.   I like to keep things simple, easy and straightforward when it comes to being part of your wedding journey.I am the Asian Wedding Photographer who captures amazing people, their moments and their emotions across the globe to tell their stories. I have always loved telling stories, through photographs and the written word.  My children love stories, especially the one of when I got married. Stories across all cultures are passed down from one generation to the next and we use them to engage and relive moments in time, learn about our past and to prepare for the future.My aim, as the teller of your story, is capture the essence of your wedding with a series of photographs which take in the little things to make up the bigger picture.  My style is a combination of several  photography disciplines, from reportage, candid, documentary and editorial styles, which capture the essence of your wedding to tell a concise story of your celebrations.I have a unique way of blending into the background that allows me to photograph the key moments of the ceremonies and key moments of the wedding in an informal style,  capturing the mood and atmosphere of the day, from capturing the little details, that make the wedding memorable to the larger emotions of that define the day.  My philosophy towards Weddings is that you should be enjoying the moments and forget I am there, until you relive those times when you look back at the wedding pictures.

If this sounds like the style and type off photography you are looking for, then it would be great to have a chat and discuss your wedding in more detail.  I live just outside London  in St Albans and photograph weddings across the UK, Europe and all parts of the world. – It would be a pleasure to be a part of your day.To check my availability and have a chat please get in touch using the contact from here or by calling me on 07949 250 660.