The Story of a Camel, the mountain & me…

It’s always a bit daunting describing your life to new folks. But what would you like an epic biography or a quick overview of the person who will be your photographer?  You choose The Epic or Short Story.

The Short Story

A father of two hyper-energetic girls. Married to an awesome wife.  1 of 7 siblings and have enough nieces and nephews to start an American football team!  Love food & traveling.  Enjoy all sorts of music from Bollywood, Classical to Old School tunes and everything between. Thanks to my daughters I have developed a fondness for unicorns and camping in enchanted forests!   I am a little fussy about keeping my desk & workspace tidy and get excited when meeting new people and love the challenge of photographing people who say  “I hate having my picture taken”. I have told over 670 wedding stories in my career around the world.

The Epic

I have loved photography since the day my uncle gave me his old Pentax AG camera.

Now many years later, I am married to a very cool wife and have a small family consisting of two unicorn loving, football mad, cupcake baking, sweet-toothed girls Arianna & Amelia.

I look for new ideas,  skills and understanding of photography, to be the best I can be when  I am working with you to document your wedding. Wedding stories are not just for now but a record of a time in your life that allows you to share with your evolving family.

I teach photography, run seminars and talks Asian Wedding Photography,  have had work published in Vogue Bride UK,  Asiana, Asian Bride, and write for blogs and websites, have appeared on Wedding TV discussing Asian Wedding photography and own a small collection of awards for my work.

Hopefully this little insight into the world and my work,  which has allowed me to photograph people from English Princes to Bollywood Queens, Hero’s of the screen and people with amazing stories to tell;  I’d love to hear about your story, and what you have planned for your day. Call me to arrange an informal chat and see how we can plan the narrative of your very awesome wedding story.

If that wasn’t enough, and you want to find out about the time I was leading a camel up a mountain in the middle of the night just call!

“Capturing  Joy  “

To find out what I will do for you, check availability and to request monir ali to photograph your wedding call 07949 250 660 or fill in this form

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