Fusion Wedding Photography


Fusion Wedding Photography features in Picture of the Day.   A regular feature on the Asian Wedding Journal, a daily image, reflecting why i enjoy weddings so much. My remit for Asian Wedding photography  its not just to focus on the Bride and Groom. I look for what the bride and groom are don’t get to see on their  big day. In essence I become their eyes, their witness the re-teller of their wedding day story.

Once I have captured what I feel tells enough of the story of the main event. I wander off looking for quirky moments that will add  depth to  their wedding memories.   Things that will make them smile, laugh and sometimes cry, but always to ensure they appreciate their wedding.

This image is an iconic fun shot. The Groom and groomsmen were waiting out side the the Criterion restaurant and looking bored.  SO i lined them up and said jump.  and they did. Took three or three attempt’s but we got there. I just love the bemused look in the bystanders face.

This was taken in the morning of a Tamil / English wedding.  This is what makes  Fusion Wedding Photography fun. The different cultures coming together and sharing huge moments.

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Fusion Wedding Photography South Indian & Sri Lankan wedding London Mayfair