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Asian Wedding Photographer Oslo. Being Asked to photographer of Asian Weddings I get faced with many challenges. One challenge is how to capture a moment that retains the essence of the culture, but with a unique contemporary view.  And without interrupting the flow of the moment.

The key part of the day in Pakistani Muslim Weddings is the farewell or Ruksati. The moment a new bride leaves her paternal  family and walks (or drives) into a new life with her husband.   The Farwell ceremony, is an emotional one, and tears do flow. This is a cultural element of the wedding. The ceremony starts with a blessing for for health happiness and protection. Then a long walk from the stage to the car. Stopping to hug loved ones and say bye to friends.  Once the couple are sit in the limousine, they seem to relax.  This is the first moment they have had to themselves all day. The husband whispers a few words of comfort to his wife,  while the family looks on through the smoked glass.  This is one of the key reasons I keep getting asked back to Oslo, I understand the nuances of the Pakistani culture and can retell that story with a modern twist.

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