Moor Park Golf Club Photographer London

Moor Park Golf Club Photographer London. Your Getting married, in one of grandest venues in north-west London, Moor Park Golf Club. Your friends and family are gathering downstairs for the registry wedding. What’s on your mind?  nerves, butterflies, the future?  No,  not for our groom to be. He wants to play a quick game of billiards!  What better way to calm the nerves and get in the right “frame” of mind,  and an awesome opportunity to grab some off-piste wedding pictures.

Hindu Wedding Moor Park

When the time comes, our groom said his wedding vows with ease and the odd mix up of words but he got there. An elegant and short ceremony, which are always challenging, and means I have limited opportunity to get the shots that capture the moments and atmosphere, but by Jove did we get them. The ceremony was followed by a champagne reception and canapes.

The wedding portraits, we had a short time to get some relaxed but stylised images, that both captured their love for each other and the grandness of the venue. The wrap balcony and painted ceiling make Moor Park Mansion and an absolute joy to photograph and has led them to become one of the top-rated venues for Asian Weddings.

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