The Perfect Asian Wedding Venue

What is the perfect Asian wedding venue?  Couples all have the dream wedding venue in mind, sometimes couples do have a varying opinion of what is the prefect venue.  For some its a functional places, like a dedicated venue like Nawaabs London, or Arianna Gardens.  For others its a Manor House with rolling fields backing on to a lake with sail boats in the distance. 
But what covid19 has taught us is that,  our very own homes work well to for those, little more intimate micro weddings, Mendhis or just a good old pre wedding party.
In the lockdown period, with weddings limited to 15 people, think about restaging your own home for a little wedding.  Any home can be transformed with a little imagination, some mood lighting and some help from an expert venue decorator like 1 SW events who during in pandemic helped couples’ re stage their homes for small intimate ceremonies.
Asian Wedding Venue
So lets relook at living room and see what happens when we throw up some led lights, and a couple of decadent flower arrangements.  Or lets consider the garden, maybe we can get a small gazebo, decorate with some garlands, and Bobs your cha cha and hey presto small intimate venue for a Nikah or vow exchange.
Asian Wedding Venue
What, if you wanted that Manor House Wedding,  and your apartment  was really a place to hold a micro wedding!   Buy a manor house, we you could right, upgrade your home to one that fits the bill, and rather than spending the money on venue, you could  use it as a deposit on a new home!   Think about it, the average cost of  Asian Wedding is circa £25,000 that’s a deposit for a new home and you get a venue for free ( would keep the parents happy!)
Asian Wedding Venues Manor House Hertfordshire
You can use online calculators like to work out what you can buy, its worth thinking about and think about the options that can make your wedding memorable.  But like with most things wedding related, spend within your means, i mean would be great to buy a 15 bedroom’s chateau in south of France, but could all your guests get there!
Well we can all dream right, if your still not sure about the venue have a look at the venue list on a previous blog post  here  or visit Asian Venue Guide here 
When you have selected your ideal venue be it a wedding venue, your home or your new chateau in the south of France, call and get in touch to  find out more about the wedding photography experience, to check availability and to book your unique story  call 07949 250 660 to arrange a online consultation or use the contact form  here

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