The Wedding Storybooks…The best way to relive your wedding story. 

The Wedding Storybooks…The best way to relive your wedding story.

Since the birth of photography, the printed photograph has been a way of engaging with stories; stories of families, stories of far-flung corners of the world; stories of places that inspire us to travel.

Photography and Asian weddings go hand in hand, each image was taken, makes up a part of a bigger story, that becomes your wedding story.  The best way to relive your wedding story is to have a physical print of the digital picture.  Even if it’s just one, that gets to sit on the bedside table or on hung over the fireplace pride of place in your family home.

One of the best ways to relive your wedding day is through a wedding storybook. Wedding storybooks are the successor to the traditional albums, and allow your wedding story to flow from start to finish, capturing the  highlights and the essence of your wedding from the details of the decor, to the emotions of the ceremony, to a record of who celebrated the start of your new life with you, and not forgetting the all important wedding day portraits.

Technology is changing at a great pace and tech we thought would change our lives forever are slowly being phased out.  CDs and DVDs were the tech of the ’80s and 90’s we were told that digital files will last forever, but these are now being phased out, and by 2014  USBS had become the in the thing and for a few years, USBs the new tech. Quick access and portable.  But these are now being phased out too.  Things are now moving to the cloud and were all storing photographs on clouds, Facebook and Instagram, but one day this will change.

The one technology that has not changed much in over 130 years, and doesn’t need regular updates or a new platform to read the images are printed photographs.  There is no a need to splash out on new technology to open up a physical wedding album, or need to plug it in to charge, nor wait or look for a wifi signal, all you need to do is sit around the sofa and look back at the moments that defined your day and share that with your family.

I have been providing clients with wedding storybooks, wedding albums and printed photographs since I started as an Asian wedding photographer, and with each year that passes, we add new styles of presentations, books, and printed products to our range.


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