What is Asian Wedding Photography

What is Asian Wedding photography?  It is a genre  of photography that specialises in and is primarily focused on documenting and photography of events and activities relating to Asian weddings.

The art of Asian wedding photography is a multifaceted skill and requires knowledge and expertise in different styles of photography and can include styles like portrait photography, documentary  or reportage photography, product and food photography and elements of fashion photography.  A good wedding photographer will expertly and seamlessly bring all these together to produce wedding photographs.

It also requires the photographer to have two unique skills that are essential in being able to produce memorable moments and personable photos of the day.   These are being a people person and a being able to managing situations.  These two skills, or traits are the defining factors for a wedding photographer. As a people person you should be able to read, understand and preempt  peoples actions and response.  And be confident   to interact with guests, families and the wedding couple.  Keeping a level head, is vital when 99% of the day is out of your control.  You need to be able be fluid and work around problems that come up in the wedding planning process. Also things like technical issues ( both kit and environment) managing weddings guests , and most important of all  time management.

A good wedding photograph depends on all the above.  The cost of wedding photography will differ from photographer to photographer – to find out more about the cost of  Asian wedding photography read our post here.