Monir Ali Photography

What’s your moment worth?

The moments you make, share and relive, have a value,
a value that will differ from person to person, moment to moment.

Once in a lifetime we have the chance to bring all the people that matter to us in one place, at the same time.
You will craft an event so memorable; everyone will talk about it for a lifetime, and be the subject of conversations for generations. childhood friends, closest friends, family, the university friends all enjoying a unique shared experience and celebration.

Some moments, when you relive them will make you gasp, others will make you laugh, smile and cry.
But they are all about your friends and families and people you care about.
Your wedding is that story, that amazing story that needs to be

Retold time and time again.

Our lives are explained by stories, and the visual story is no different, and
you need a visual story teller, Monir Ali, is your personal story teller.

The history of our lives and the world history is has been told though stories both written and visual, and
that’s how we remember. And that’s what I do.

I document,
Your Story,
Your Moments.

Every wedding is different, and has its own vibe and mojo, own family traditions,
I look for those and capture the essence.
The story I tell reflects, you.
your easy going natural self, simply,
no fancy trends or spinning brides
just warm and natural memories.
The story is yours, but you are entrusting to me to capture your moments. to make you feel warm, fuzzy and ultimately joy. This comes from a collaborative and personal approach between you and me. and allows me to understand what you need, and tailoring my style to fit your day.
The team and I don’t take over, don’t direct the wedding, we find the rhythm of the wedding and capture the moments. I never lose sight that its abut you, your family and friends and your moments.

That for me is the

Worth and value of the moment.