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Asian Wedding social media influencers

Asian Wedding social media influencers & Wedding PhotographersAsian Wedding social media influencers.  Lest face it, the way people plan weddings have changed.  And in the last 10 years considerably thanks to social media and the rise of the Pinterest and  Instagram.  In the good old days, couples would eagerly await the publication of  bridal magazines such as Vouge Bride, Asiana Magazine, Bride Magazine. Flip through and rip out pages and stick them in a scrap wedding book.  Wedding  magazine editors  were good, and curated themes, colours and ideas to inspire you.  While  couples hung on there every word and idea they were still a distant apart.   Fast forward to 2020 and what do we have.  A new type of person to help you curate and inspire you, but this time they are more accessible and closer. Welcome to peer to peer inspiration and the world of the influencer.

So what is an influencer ?

So what is an influencer ? Essentially its a type of celebrity endorsement, but not just for celebrities anymore, but anyone who is passionate about their world, topic or just about anything really and tell the niche audience about it.  Sometimes is sponsored content other times is just the pure love of the product or experience.

We are yet to see a major impact on the Asian Wedding social media influencers,  but it is slowly taking shape.  In the early days it was the likes of magazines who had blogs and websites,  such as,  and Kush Magaizne.  But now as some wedding suppliers are achieving almost celebrity status in the Wedding Sector who should you go to for ideas, inspiration and expert advice.

Engaging Influencers.

A list of the ones i most follow and enjoy engaging with

@1swevents A truly established wedding decor company in London and an expert on Asian Wedding Decor
@afshanazad   – An old friend of ours and someone whose witty comments and views on the bigger world keeps us amused.
.@aweshowcase  – One of the UKs longest running Asian Wedding exhibitions and shows
@asianatv – the UKs oldest and trusted wedding magazines that has transitioned from print to digital
@InspiringAsianBrides – Helping brides design their ultimate wedding
and erm ahem @iamphotoguy (yes i know – but i enjoy sharing ideas, thoughts and inspiration with you all)

Sharing ideas

The rallying call of an influencer  can mean the difference between a really cool wedding theme or the one your grandma wants you to have.  Sharing ideas, thoughts and inspirations is the way the world and influncers in the world of social media are the new word of mouth.  The power of  the digital way of life is wide reaching As this example of how an small idea reached a wide audience shows.

Social Media and especially  photography experts are are turning their passion for sharing into a new artform.   It takes a lot of practice, patience and hardowrk to be a core influencer.  While anyone can do it, the advice from hardened professional influencers is be a expert in your field and love what you do, as this photographer found out on her journey to being  influencer. 

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