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The Engagement shoot in the heart of the city

The Engagement shoot in the heart of the city. As the 9-5 workday ended, I met up with Leena & Hamir, in the heart of the city to capture a few pictures for their wedding entrance slide show.  They wanted to tell their story; from when they were young, to how they met. That’s where I come in.  A pre-wedding/ engagement  shoot like this takes more often than not a couple of hours. This particular day, was the beginning of spring and a  little longer than normal, so we decided to take in the sights along The Thames and capture some of the London skylines.


First stop was the icon that is St Pauls Cathedral, the beacon of hope during testing times. The Cathedral looked amazing draped in the golden light of a late London Afternoon.  We ventured closer and manged to find a tourist free spot on the steps, and clicked a few more.  The biggest challenge for during the course of the session is that both mentioned that they did not like being in front of the camera, so my job was to ease them in and make them relaxed and enjoy the time taking pictures. I think i manged that.



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