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Pakistani Craic the big wedding At McWillam Park Hotel Ireland

What happens when you combine a Pakistani Muslim Wedding with Irish Culture?  You get a Craic of an Asian Wedding. The team and I travelled across the waters to photograph a wedding at the Asian Wedding At McWillam Park Hotel Ireland, Asian Wedding Ireland in the rural setting of Claire Morris in Co Mayo.

We arrived late on the friday evening, picked up from the airport and taken to meet the families. by 1am we had met most of them, from the younger newborns to the elders of the family  who had been flown in from Pakistan. We truly felt part of the family.

The wedding started like most do the traditional barrat entrance, dhol players, music and dancing lots of dancing.  After the ceremony, the wedding took on a different personality.  It suddenly became an Irish Wedding – more music and loads more dancing, everything from Bhangra, Bollywood and Break dancing.

From the moment the team and I flew in the night before, we were immersed in the local culture from the get-go until we departed two days later. A bit blurry-eyed but with fond memories of the Craic At McWillam Park Hotel Ireland. An amazing hotel, and the party never stopped.  Looking forward to the next Asian Wedding Ireland


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