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Top 5 Asian Wedding Photography Tips

We all love a list and we’re working on a few more. But let’s start this going with Top 5 Asian wedding photography tips:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Have a clear and defined structure of your day. I encourage couples to start sketching out their plan, this ensures that there is a certain order to the day, which allows for clear defines moments that I can capture.

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Shot List

Have a shot list: As wedding photographers, yes we are amazing, and we do our best to produce awesome wedding photos, but we are not mindreaders. We cannot second guess your exact requirements. Once my clients have booked and confirmed their wedding date. We start to discuss the wedding plans in more details and have a very long conversation about shot lists. I know what I need to capture, to tell the story. However, I still have a conversation about shots with the couple, just to make sure we are on the same page and ask for their specific requirements. That’s when things like these get mentioned. ” my uncle from Canada is coming to the wedding, I need a picture of him” and “can you take a picture of the menu cards, my nieces made those”


Rehearse the key moments of the day. This is common practice at church weddings, where the vicar, walks the couple and family through a practice ceremony so they know what to expect on the day, where people should stand etc. In an ideal world, everyone who is planning an Asian wedding would do this. The rehearsal is important for the key moments so that they are the ones that stay in the wedding book, walking down the aisle, flower girls throwing petals, The wedding ceremony, etc. These if not rehearsed can look messy.


Keep the family portraits session short, simple so you can focus on having a good time, and making memories, and not just sit on a stage for 4 hours. One of the key focuses of my time on the wedding day is looking for those little stories that make up your wedding. Yes, the “formals” are important too but do you really need 40 group shots. My recommendation to my clients is to-do the key immediate family shots, then do a BIG group shout with all the guests.

Enjoy the day

Have fun. The wedding is a celebration for you to enjoy yourself, so hand over the management of the wedding to someone you can trust on the day. Ideally, a wedding planner who will keep things running smoothly, that was this frees you up to enjoy the day, and to enjoy your hard work in putting the wedding together.

Follow these top 5 Asian wedding photography tips, and I am sure your photographer will deliver you some great wedding pictures. To find out about availability for your wedding date, and to find out more about y services please use the contact form to book a photography advice session or call 07949 250 660.

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An Asian wedding is a joyous occasion filled with vibrant colours, rich traditions, and happy memories. However, planning an Asian wedding can be a complex and challenging task, which is why it’s essential to prepare and plan ahead to make the day memorable. Whether you’re the bride and groom or a family member or friend involved in wedding planning, here are the top five tips for creating a memorable Asian wedding.

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