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Asian Wedding at Froyle Park

Yes, this is the Asian Wedding at Froyle Park, with a frozen fountain and a wandering peacock! 

Winter weddings are amazing, what’s not amazing is the cold. February has sightly like longer days. But the weather has a different point of view.  Froyle park is set in the surrey country side, close enough to London to get there, but far enough away to be considered the country.

As a venue for Asian Weddings, we are no strangers to Froyle Park, and is one of those hidden gems of the home counties and ideal for those more intimate weddings.   Over the years we have been there a few times, but not during such a cold spell.

The driveway leading to the main house is short but has a big grandeur about it, leading to the fountain, this time round it was frozen and was slowly defrosting. The Asian Wedding at Froyle Park on this day was going to be unique, intimate, and low-key. The Reception was just as low-key. But elegant with it, with the most amazing wedding cake with 5 tiers of different flavors.

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