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Theme it: Choose a unique theme that is personal to you and your partner. Make it as chic, glamorous or as simple as you want.  The best and most memorable themes are not just based on colors but a concept, an idea.  Some of the ones I have seen in the last month include wild orchards, Disney and the classic regal weddings. But don’t stop there, get your guests to join in the theme by dressing the part!

Harry Potter themed wedding kent ASIAN WEDDING PLANNING

Location, Location, Location; Choose the venue wisely. The venue will always set the feel and tone for the wedding. The location, the décor, the ambiance and also the staff. When looking for the ideal venue consider the possibilities to make your event extra special.

Sunning dale house windsor ASIAN WEDDING PLANNING

Insta Moments: Surprise at every turn. Let’s face it, wedding season comes with a plethora of weddings, so include a few little surprises in your event to get your wedding trending on social media.

1sw wedding decor ASIAN WEDDING PLANNING

Refreshing: Instead of the usual soft drink or fizzy pop, try offering your guests a cheeky mocktail. Get a professional mixologist to roll out non-alcoholic versions of Tequila Sunsets, Mojito, Mosco Mule, or even Bellini.

Mayfair Hotel london wedding photographer ASIAN WEDDING PLANNING

Keep it Simple:  The key to the best wedding experience is keeping it simple, and make sure that your guests get to enjoy your company.  After all they are there to celebrate your big day.  Keep extra circular activities to a minimum yes you need to keep them occupied, but makes sure they get to share that with you.

There you have it the secrets to Asian wedding planning. Keep these tips in mind and your wedding pictures will be just pukka, but if your still nervous about it just call us and book your Wedding Photography or apply here

If you are looking for more tips and possibly a sustainable and ethical wedding have a read of this report. 

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