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Asian Wedding Venue & Photography at Tatton Park

Tatton Park is the perfect perfect venue if you like the idea of a manor house as a beautiful backdrop for your  Asian Wedding. Your photographs will undoubted be memorable.  Photographing in such a unique venue gives me the opportunity to flex those creative nodules and get some stunning shots for your wedding story Book.  Nestled in Cheshire  country side is one of those elegant houses that blend into landscape but stands out as your backdrop. So letting the bride and groom be the stars of the day.

This Muslim wedding will always be one of my most memorable, not only because of the bride and groom. But the weather. It had been snowing for three days before the wedding and it was touch and go.  The night before, frantic calls between me and the couple to plan day and to rework the schedule.  The best way to deal with the British weather is to ignore it and carry on regardless.

The snow did not hamper the day, in fact it added to in bucket loads. The bride did actually get to wear the most comfortable shoes ever… have a look. The snow filled field added to the drama for the wedding portrait  photos and if  I remember clearly the groom made a SnowGroom!

The decor on the day was in keeping with the elegant charm of the house, and very traditional reds.


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