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Can Asian Weddings finally be allowed again as lockdown eases

Can Asian Weddings finally be allowed again as lockdown eases. The UK government have announced weddings can happen again but in small numbers and only the actual ceremonies. But what does that mean for Asian Weddings. Is the 30 people rule going to work. Lets take a quick look. 

Nikkah (Muslim Ceremony) – not a major issue – as you require the Imaam, The Couple, and two witnesses to the Nikkah to be official.  The other aspect to think about is that the Nikkah need to be in a mosque either so these can happen. With Social Distance measures in place.
Vivaah Sanskar The Hindu Wedding Ceremonies – A little more complicated. As there are so many traditions in place that cant happen with out a set number of people. There is no minimum number from a Hindu perspective. Kanyadaan is key. Someone must offer the hand in marriage, usually mother and father.
And then there are roles. 4 married ladies at the end. A minimum of 1-4 brothers. 2 sisters. That’s it really. So Hindu weddings can go ahead, with a total of 30.
Anand Karaj – The Sikh Wedding Ceremony – must happen in a Gudwara, and again needs a minim number of people involved in the actual ceremony due to the many facets that the ceremony has.
All this can technically happen with social distancing of course. If you are at the start of your planning journey get some tips here
But the real problem is the celebratory element of it all. that is still not allowed in large numbers – so who you going to invite?

for more advice and details please visit the government website for more detailed advice.

Can Asian Weddings finally

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