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A cool but emotional Muslim Wedding in Birmingham

Muslim Wedding BirminghamThe pace of the day started out a nice steady pace for this Pakistani Wedding, the family were pottering about the house getting ready. The odd occasional mention from dad that car will be here soon.  The grooms sister shouts out “has anyone seen my heels” and mum is looking for the confetti.  Then were off, the wedding car speeds off and I follow. What ensures is a cool but emotional Pakistani Wedding.  at the

Greeted by almost all of guests outside the Badshah Palace in perry barr. The brides sisters stopped the Barrat from getting in, demanding almost £2000 for the chance to step inside.  After some hard negotiations – they settled on £10 each for the cousins, and some jewelry for the older siblings.

The grooms family escorted him to the stage, for the formal pictures and to get ready for the Nikkah.  His bride to be was sitting upstairs, covered in a red veil to ensure her privacy among  the hustle  bustle of the insisting guests, which is the norm at a Pakistani Wedding.

Post Nikkah, the wedding begins, the grand entrance down two flights of stairs and the walk to the stage.  Both eyes look up and for the first time in days get to see each other. A smile washes over the grooms face, and small smile radiates from the bride. The rest as they say, well its the start of their new life.


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