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The Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa, the perfect backdrop for a Hindu Wedding Ceremony.  Situated in the North West of England, in the Wirrial,  has everything  you need for an awesome wedding.  ( Did we mention that we are preferred suppliers here  we offer a 10% discount to all weddings held at partner venues)

The bright sunny day brings a positive start to the day. But provides us, photographers with challenge, a technical one. While we look forward to sunny days, we do hope for a little cloud cover.  Why? you will wonder, well the bright light of summers sun is often to harsh, we look for warmer softer tones to make you look your best.

The Barrat arrives with 200 guests dancing to the beat of the Dohl drums. Enjoyed and light breakfast then in to the gardens for a open air ceremony.  Hindu Weddings are long and need to be as the Ceremony has many facets to it, each with its on tradition and meaning.  After the gifts had been exchanged and the Sindoor and Manjal Sutra had been placed, they were married.  After the meet and greet, and  while the guests enjoy their starters we whisk the couple away for some portraits.


To check availability and book me for your Asian Wedding at The Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa please call 07949 250 660 or use this form and I will get back to you for a short chat about your Asian Wedding Story.To book your wedding photography apply  here

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