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A winter wedding Claridge’s London

Asian Weddings are crazy in the best possible way, however, Jewish Weddings are up there with the best of them. The day was long one, but started late in the afternoon.  As usual the bride wanted to capture the moments of her family and brides maids getting ready in the suite. The atmosphere was one of joy and abundant love. The bride to be was cool as a cucumber.  She had been getting ready since 10am, by the time I started photographing the details she was still in her rollers.

Her mum was fussing over her, and dad was tending to the little details with the wedding planner. Suddenly dad walks through the door at the price time that his daughter opens the door to her room, in her wedding dress.  A gulp is heard, throat clearing and tear twinned with a smile appears on her fathers face.

The main ceremony was to be held at the Central Synagogue in London, a prominent venue for Jewish Weddings. She jumped into a classic Rolls Royce, and makes her way there. What followed was a ceremony like no other,  tears, joy and happiness.

With the ceremony done, the main event was the reception at Claridge’s. The history of the venue lent it self well to the modern take on a traditional Simicha – live bands, dancing, and the traditional breaking of the bread.  The wedding portraits were and absolute pleasure to shoot, and we discovered some great spaces to photograph in.

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