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St Albans & Luton Asian Wedding don’t get much awesome than this.   An early start as always.  For the photographer this means getting to the venue early to capture the arrival of the guests to the registry office in St Albans.  Photographing the steady arrival of guests sets the scene for the wedding book. The candid and relaxed pictures are essential in illustrating the mood. The short ceremony included a reading from a friend. One of the more emotive moments of the ceremony was the three empty seats, which had reserved placed on them with the names of those who had passed away.

Post ceremony, the organising  of the wedding party  for the formal groups is always challenging. Wandering uncles, and misplaced aunties always take time to find.  After 20 mins, we managed to get the formals done.  Then off to the old Nunnery in St Albans for the wedding portraits. The crumbling walls, blue sky’s and late afternoon light were  the perfect combination for stunning pictures.

After the shoot, the groom sped of in his sports car, and we were left with the bride. So we crammed her and her dress in the small jeep and headed off to Luton, the couples home to get ready for part two of the day.

The low key ceremony in St Albans gave way to the glamorous and more opulent evening reception. The bride collected by a limousine with her family, arrived majestically at the Meridian Grand, London. Greeted by 500 guests, we were in for a Big ole Asian Wedding.  This is what a St Albans & Luton Asian Wedding feels like.

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