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A destination & Engagement Photographer

Destination & Engagement Photographer. A destination Engagement shoot is a unique way to share your news with friends and family in style.  A pre wedding shoot has always been an integral part of the wedding process.  This season the trend has been to push the boat out and think of distance shores for the shoot.



Be a little more adventurous, jump on a budget  flight for a shoot in Marrakesh, Oslo or even Paris. A day trip is all you need, leave early, get the session in, take in the sights, grab a spot of lunch before you get back on the plane home and be back in time for coronation street.

There are three great sessions planned. In three equally great locations so that you an get the photographs that tell your story in style.

Starting in January 2019 Destination Tour includes

Marrakesh – 25 & 26 January  2019
Paris – March 2019
Oslo – April 2019

What better way to mark the occasion with some great photographs of the two of you in a enchanting city, and taking a break away from the hectic wedding planning.

I have picked three great cities to kick start the tour and will start adding new cities and dates over the next few months.

There will be limited availability per city book. Each session will last 2 hours per couple, where you get to explore the sights celebrate your engagement in style, then when you get back you will have a 20 page storybook crammed full of pictures of your engagement story.

The Investment.
Engagement session shoot per couple is £395 (+ your own travel and expenses)  and that’s it. But if you have already booked with us the session is free, all you have todo is get there (you have to cover your own travel costs etc)


To check availability and  to book please call 07949 250 660 use the contact form to find out more.

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