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Muslim Wedding Photography at Tatton Park

Muslim Wedding Photography at Tatton Park. The challenge for me as a recommended supplier at wedding venues is that each wedding needs a different way of being told.  Tatton park in Cheshire is a wedding venue in which I work in a lot,  each time I approach the story as if its the first time I have worked there. I always look for new angles, new ways to photograph the same location.  This wedding was shot in the summer, and here is one I shot in winter.

The summer weddings are amazing, the Italian gardens are normally used as a reception area. The open spaces allow your guests to wander and give you beautiful backdrop for your wedding portraits.  There are fare to many places to mention here, but on each visit I find a new prespective. The walled garden. The sunken italina garden. The Neo classic columns… the list goes on.

My favourite however is the big oak doors at the from of the house that lead into the main reception area.

The main house, featured on a few TV shows, is a maze of corridors, antiques and memories of a well lived past. Tennants  Hall, the main wedding space,  can hold around 350 guests. Which is why its the perfect space for those Big Asian Weddings.


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