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Bedford Gurdwara Hosts Beautiful Sikh Wedding

The Guru Nanak Gurdwara Hosts Beautiful Sikh Wedding in Bedford.   One of the countries hidden gems, this Gudwara is just awe inspiring. The ornate hand crafted stone and marble building hosts many a Sikh Wedding.

The  wedding started very early, well for the groom it did, leaving Manchester around 5pm to get to Bedford for 10am. Sukhi. No rest for the bride either she was up and busy at 5am too!  The Milni ( Gathering and meeting of the families) happened out side on a sunny morning.  The purpose of the Milni is for blessing for the day and also to formally introduce the two families to each other. It starts with the parents, then siblings, cousins and then uncles.  But we have seen Milinis that had a list of 30 from each side, luckily not this one.

The ceremony, was elegant and a little emotional at times, but was quite fluid and fast. The Anand kāraj, was followed by a Civil Ceremony. The on to the reception, a short drive away nestled in the Bedfordshire country side.  The reception was what you expected, the bride and groom had a dress change, then joined the guests for drinks, a bit of cake and an the opening of dance floor. Hope you enjoy this little story of the Sikh Wedding in Bedford.

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