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How much does Asian wedding photography cost in UK

How much does Asian Wedding Photography Cost in UK?  you will never get a straight answer to this, it should be simple but the cost of the photographer for your wedding well depends on you too.  As with all great things, and weddings, in particular, there is a price for everything, some items are easily priced and you can see how the pricing is done.  A venue, for example, you are hiring a physical building for the duration of your wedding.  With other items, it’s a little tricky to establish what are you actually paying for.

Wedding photography, it seems is one of those items that can cause some confusion when it comes to cost and how costs are determined.   There are many factors that can affect wedding photography prices, but as suggested key factor in that will be you.

how much does asian wedding photography cost in uk

What do you want?

First things first.  There is no such thing as average price/cost of a wedding photographer.  every business has its own business model. Some photographers operate from studio space, some operate from home, this will be reflected in the cost ( to see a full breakdown of how we calculate cost see have a read of our costs page).  The number of events you are having,   how many wedding storybooks or prints you would like and how many photographers you want will impact the cost.  For some photographers, they will factor in hours of coverage as part of the price ( my fees are 99% unlimited coverage per event).

So you can see how the elements build the cost of the wedding photography fee.  So far its been a focus on the fixed costs, this is where the difference of cost takes shape across the wedding photography industry and secondly where confusion can start when comparing photographers prices alone.  The core cost of wedding photography is actually the photography or rather the creation of the photograph and who is behind the lens telling the story.  It’s about the creativity, about who you trust and whose style you like, and their experience in the field,  because that’s what you are actually paying for.  You are paying a photographer to document your wedding to capture the moments, the emotions and atmosphere of the day. This is a unique skill set that takes time and experience to gain, and prices often reflect that.

Now if you are just looking at the price as an indicator let say two photographers provide you with two costs, one is £550 the other is £1450 – what is your first instinct?   how are you comparing the photographers –  the commodities ( images on usb, prints, albums) or the trust, value and experience they bring to your wedding.

How much will you value the memories?

The third and final element of the costing or how much you should pay depends on you and what experience you get out of it.  If you are looking a pragmatic, utilitarian approach for your wedding and just need a  person to take a few snaps,  group shots and a couple of portraits then maybe consider allocating a lower budget for the service or even get some friends to do it.  However, if your view on the Weddings photos is more about the emotional connections, the moments and the story told by an experienced wedding photographer and storyteller, who will curate a bespoke wedding storybook then consider allocating a higher spend in relation to your overall wedding budget.

Pricing is where photographers set themselves apart from each other, the more experience and more quality of service you demand a higher price.  You really can’t match a new photographer with 2 weddings under their belt to a seasoned and experienced photographer who has covered 200+ weddings.  This is where you make the decision on how much you should pay, this is driven by the personal value of those wedding memories.

As you can see its not easy by any means on working out costs, but two simple rules and the above advice should steer you in the right direction.   Rule 1, Spend what you can afford.  Rule 2, allocate around 10-15% of your wedding budget to the photography – as this will be one of two things from your wedding you keep forever as family heirlooms the other being your love.

To get a clearer picture of wedding photography costs to feel free to call me on 07949 250 660 and to check your weddings dates and if you need some advice on choosing a wedding photographer have a look at this short film

The following are an example of how much does Asian wedding photography cost around the uk. ( these prices are based on photographers averages across the uk and not my prices)

The Cost of an Asian Wedding Photographer in London

An Asian wedding photographer in London can cost anywhere between £2400 to £4500

The Cost of a Wedding Photographer in Manchester

Asian Weddings in the North of England are as expensive as London however you can expect to pay around £950 – £1900 for a full day wedding in Manchester

The Cost of a Wedding Photographer in Sheffield, Leeds, and Birmingham

These big UK cities will be much more reasonable than London photographer prices. You can get some beautiful wedding photography packages starting from around £750 to £1600.

The Cost of a Wedding Photographer in Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and other areas in the South-West

In smaller, more remote towns and cities, wedding photography is pretty much as cheap as it gets. With smaller populations, these locations will get you a great deal on a wedding photographer. Areas in the rural South-West of the United Kingdom such as Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Bath will charge as around £750 – £1300.

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