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The British Institute of Professional Photography

I have been a member of the The British Institute of Professional Photography for some time now. I joined The BIPP  back in 2011, to learn new skills, and be a apart of a world recognised institution that offers photographers across the world a platform to be noticed and recognised as a professional photographer. 

Over the last few years, I have slowly been a little more proactive, with the BIPP and the members across the world.  I have learnt a lot from being a part of it, and finally in the summer of 2020 I took the leap to give back and be a little more part of it.  I was nominated to be the Regional Chair for the SE region.   In sept the regional elections where held, and to my surprise I was voted in as Regional Chair of the South East Region of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

The BIPP is recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence, with the Institute’s tiered qualification structure offering photographers continual professional development.

My role will be to work alongside the head office organising regional and local events, workshops and meetings to help train, educate, support and qualify professional photographers in the region.

It’s a great honour to be able to represent a long-standing institution like this, at a regional level, and to be responsible for the development of professional photography in the region is to say  the least humbling.

For over 100 years the British Institute of Professional Photography has been supporting and providing a voice of the photographers, and to be added to that voice fills me with pride. I know its not easy for the industry now, but that’s what the BIPP is there for, to support, nurture and provide a voice to photographers.  I am looking forward to working with the current members as well as welcoming new members to the British Institute of Professional Photography.

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